The Album is Dead

Not on Radio Fandango it’s not. Every day at 2:30 we play an album in its entirety from start to finish. No breaks, no ads. So put the kettle on and join us for a playback.
Duration: 60 minutes
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Series 1
Episode 4: Tall Tree 6FT Man - Boundaries
Album Is Dead w/c March 8th
2.30 pm - Monday
2.30 pm - Tuesday
2.30 pm - Wednesday
2.30 pm - Friday
Series 1
Episode 3: The Album Is Dead: Modern Hinterland 'Diving Bell'
This week we're playing 'Diving Bell' the new album by indie-folk band Modern Hinterland in its entirety each day at 2.30pm!

MOJO | Album Review (3/5) Attached | 'Songwriter Chris Hornsby channels rueful, plaid-shirted euphoria and his band have the swing to pull it off.'

Uncut | Album Review (7/10) Attached | 'With it's spirited singalong choruses 'If I Knew You Well' marks the deepest foray into Mumford & Sons terrain on the third album by Modern Hinterland...Hornsby oscillated between knees-up fare and Wilco-inspired Americana on Diving Bell'

DAILY Express | Album Review (3/5) Attached | "a delicate Americana mixed with an indie-pop that will hope to kiss the charts in the way that the likes of Snow Patrol and Mumford & Sons have"
2.30 pm - Thursday

Series 1
Episode 2: The Album Is Dead: Stokie Local 'Aspidistra Sound FX'
This week we're playing the debut album from former Habitats front-man Mike Lawford aka Stokie Local, in its entirety and uninterrupted. A sprawling experimental double album of indie garage pop songs and instrumental interludes, 'Aspidistra Sound FX' was recorded at home during lockdown in his spare bedroom, it's quite literally a DIY bedroom pop album with plenty of hooks.
2.30 pm - Saturday
2.30 pm - Sunday
Series 1
Episode 1: The Album Is Dead: Softer Still 'Nuances'
Each week we'll shine the light on an album, played in its entirety. Some say 'the album is dead', we believe it's alive and still the heart beat of creative talent! This week we bring you 'Nuances' the debut album by indie dream-poppers Softer Still.
Series Synopsis:
Call us old fuddy-duddies if you want but we feel In this ugly modern age of short attention spans and instant gratification, the slower format of album, like the novel, should be celebrated, admired, appreciated. The album is dead. Long live the album.